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I am very much part of the problem admittedly but let’s get into it.

I have a strong sense of self awareness and I’m attuned to the narcissism I broadcast through my Instagram page. Apart from one or two pictures featuring relatives or friends, my Instagram is completely self centred. It’s all about me.

The Problem

I’ve spent a reasonably excessive amount of time on Instagram lately and have felt inferior, subpar and all in all basic compared to the accounts that pop up on my explore page according to my likes and preferences.

Perhaps, if I hadn’t been on my phone so much, these thoughts would be temporary, fleeting feelings of self deprecating nonsense however I’ve found them lingering and long overstaying their welcome.

The notion I receive from Instagram is simply this: There will always be someone better than you. Regardless of what it is that you’re doing, there will be someone, somewhere, doing a better job at it.

It is reality but I think Instagram antagonises this by showing you these supposed forms of perfection, whether it’s makeup, photography, health etc to the point where it’s all you see.

Psychologically that can be damaging. Perfection doesn’t exist. Doing our best is what matters but when we’re seeing ‘perfection’ consistently, it seems like our best isn’t good enough. This is dangerous.


I see that on the other hand, using Instagram, and having these images, videos etc can be a beautiful representation of what people can do, what people have overcome, inspirational, uplifting and productive messages that are shared with others around the world, to provide an array of emotion or it can be a personal account of their lives which can be openly shared or privately viewed.

Instagram is what you make it.

My advice would be this

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

You never know what people are going through. Assuming someone’s life is better than yours based on an online compilation of pictures and videos isn’t wise.

2. Focus on you (stay in your lane)

This is the most important point in my opinion. It’s okay to do whatever you want to do with your Instagram. If you’re looking for followers, commit to that. If you want a million pictures of yourself, if you want to turn your page into a business, do that. It’s all up to you but never feel like you’re not good enough because someone is doing a better job than you. None of this really matters. But if it’s something you want to take seriously then do that. Just focus on your goal and don’t look around to see how/what others are doing.

3. Don’t take it too seriously

Social media is a funny thing. It’s an entrenched part of society but you can live without it. Don’t forget that.

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